"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Sunday, May 21, 2017


In a person  "Harmony between the body and mind" is a must for the proper function of the inner organs and also to behave cordially with the society or mingle with the society.

Harmony can be the best antonym of 'EGO'.  Harmony is in demand now a days.  And this is the starting point of chaos in a person's inner self, in a house, in a village/town/district/state/nation/countries.

The "PANCHA BHOODHAS" as said in the Hindu phylosophy are THE EARTH, THE WATER, THE FIRE, THE AIR, AND THE ETHER.  The Human body is made up of the combination of these five elements.  Of course the ratio and proportions varies from each and every individual.  

These five elements are totally from the Nature and nothing man -  made.  The Nature is again defined as the  GOD/LOVE/PURE/SANCTITY/SERENE/BEAUTY AND it goes on endless.

The impurities, the hatred, the ugliness, etc. cannot go hand in hand with the Nature.  Definitely one day or other it will burst.  Say for example, if a person is corrupt, how long can he display a smiling face to the society?  His own inner voice will start shouting at him, blood pressure shoots up, sleepless nights, followed by all other complications.....

Whether he is going to be caught 'RED HANDED'  and be punished by the court of Law or not,  his own consciousness is the Supreme Judge in the World.  At least in his death bed, one has to realise his bad deeds.  

Yoga helps a person to bring harmony in his own self.  Craving for food reduces.  The mind gets matured and the realities of LIFE  is very well understood.  Sympathy, Empathy, Tranquillity of the Mind increases.  Patriotism, Love towards the Mother Nature follows.  

In Ashtaanga yoga, there are eight steps- yama, niyama, asana, pranayama prathyahara, dharana, dhyana, samaadhi.  YAMA AND NIYAMA deals with a man's dos and don'ts.  

Harmony within one self is the first step to bring Harmony in the Society.  

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