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Thursday, September 1, 2016

ACT of listening/concentration

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The power of listening is indeed a Talent.  Every one of us is gifted in one way or other, but, not gifted with everything.  Unless and otherwise you have a total focus in whatever you do, you will be blamed of lack of concentration. 

The Definition of Yoga thus goes,
“Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and sustain that direction without any distraction.”

If one practices Yoga, knowingly or not knowingly your power of concentration will increase.   “Concentration” is a must in whatever work you do. Cooking, Driving, while giving lectures, while playing, while reading, while writing, while walking along a busy road, while doing shopping…

If one can recollect those school and college days, for how many days we have acted as if listening to the class with utmost attention but not really so.  Have we not tried our best not to sleep in the class, that too if the lecture is boring or if the subject is “dry”, and unable to understand.

Such an act is not at all possible in Yoga sessions.  Both the teacher and the participant should be attentive; otherwise, they will be trapped.  If a person’s mind is wavering, they will be confused even in simple things like right/left, inhale/exhale…..

Your eye-balls will be rolling, while in Meditation or Relaxation.  You will have least control over your breathe, if you are in agitated mood.  You cannot cheat the teacher and the teacher too cannot either!!

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