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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Generally, taking  bath at least once a day has been the practice of most of us. There may be exceptional cases, I do not want to discuss about them now.

Fitness freaks who do exercise an hour or more daily sweat more and in order to get rid of the congestion, take bath immediately. 

People go for jogging/walking and immediately after returning home, they feel like taking bath, is this advisable?  

There are some other people who eat well to their stomach–full and take bath immediately. 

During this hot summer, there are people who take bath three to four times/day, swim for extended hours.

Keeping aside all the above said habits, what should a Yoga aspirant do?

You should take bath before beginning your Yoga practice every day.
Preferably in cold water, for it induces the blood circulation throughout the body. You feel fresh and happily start practicing.
You can begin with Meditation, to bring calmness to your agitated mind.  Then practice pawan mukthasanas[wind releasing exercises and asanas according to one’s own wish and ability, continued by breathing exercises and relaxation.  

Taking bath immediately after Yoga practice should be avoided for various reasons which includes,

It disturbs the serenity and calmness both at the physical as well as the mental level, where as, taking bath before yoga practice adds to the same. 

Owing to the fact that yoga is helpful in getting rid of certain bad habits like smoking, drug addiction… which one cultivated for years, works deep inside the boundless mind.

Taking bath before practicing yoga adds to the sanctity of the same….     


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