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Thursday, August 6, 2015




It is a Human Tendency, a state of mind, covetousness of another person's possession.

It is also not true that all Human beings possess this QUALITY.  There are exceptionally good people of noble qualities who do not at all possess this kind of quality.  Also, I pity, it is only in Human, that this kind of envious resentment prevails compared to all other living beings!!

There are many types of people prevailing.  Mainly they can be categorized into three types:
Those who are desirous of
1)  "All should live well"
2)  "I should live well"
3)  "I alone should live well"

"All should live well" is a Divine Quality.
The second category too does not harm anybody.'
The third one alone is quite dangerous. 

The Quest in them never gets satisfied.  Even though they are provided with whatever they desire, still they rather envy others who possess things of similar quality.  Needless to say about their state of mind if the other person possess more than them.

It certainly affects the person on whom one is jealous of.  This “evil eye” causes misfortune or injury.  But, the covetous man seems to damage himself inwardly and it goes a long way to cure oneself.  One can try hiding their inner feelings but, their eyes alone are sufficient to disclose what kind of show is going on inside. 

Doctors say that there are many reasons for severe head-aches, ENVY is also one. 
There are infinite reasons for various diseases, jealousy is one.
Feeling Jealous can also be described as a disease.
It takes time to diagnose this kind of diseases; they generalize and call it as “psycho- somatic”.

The statement “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a universally accepted truth.  In the same manner, every thought, whether good or bad, has reflection.  This is why, noble people and peace loving persons keep on telling that only positive thinking is healthy and negative thoughts will ruin one’s own self.  


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