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Wednesday, July 29, 2015



WE come to the conclusion that the Mind exists in a person, irrespective of the age group they belong and it is proved by one's faculty either to act or react to any situation.  The ability to remember, to recollect, to perceive, to desire, to imagine -- all these actions are only by the result of the very existence of the MIND.


WE are unable to measure any person's mind including our own.  It travels lengths and breadths, heights and depths unlimited!  The TENSES does not matter at all.  The ability to see, to understand[either in a right sense or otherwise], the hearing faculty, and obviously the ability of various sense organs - feeds the mind.


IT can very well be described as most unruly.  There is no organized flow. One's desires influences the mind most.  If things go against a person's expectations, it causes anger and  stress and directly affects the mind.  The traffic rules  are not at all followed during the inflow and outflow of thoughts and chaos being created always and utter confusion is the result.

Roads are polluted by the wind, the vehicles emitting carbon, and other dusts and debris.  In the same manner, ones' mind too is getting polluted, by too many expectations, negative thoughts and fear and anger.


It is a never ending process.  It is  similar to that of cleaning our own living room.  Every day and once or twice we have to clean the room otherwise dust starts entering and gradually pollute the area and start affecting our health.  Likewise, Mind should also be taken care of.  How to un-dust, how to organize the thought flow - MEDITATION HELPS.

There is no eraser found to erase the unwanted thoughts.  The Nature has provided us  with 'FORGETFULNESS' .  This too does not erase completely.  At times, the forgotten thoughts, the faded thoughts are being recollected 'SPARKLING".    These are mostly the unwanted and those which we want to forget most.

SWAMY VIVEKANANDA says, if you keep meditating, the thought waves gets slowed down.  The distance between one thought wave and another increases and the number of thoughts flowed into gets reduced.  By continued practice of Meditation, "THE THOUGHTLESS STATE OF MIND"  too can be achieved.


The secrets of one's mind is not disclosed, we try to hide many things/thoughts.  We believe that no one else know our Mind.  But the fact is, it is being disclosed some where and some how.  "Face is the index of Mind' is one proverb.  More than this, various diseases including Head-aches, migraine,  and other illness are being labeled PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS.

You can have many secrets in your mind, but see that those things are positive and constructive [which gives the ultimate joy] and not  negative and destructive[which results in our own "RUIN"].


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