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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Alas! The Election results has come and the rain stops!
The Media, TV Channels, News papers, and everywhere The Modi Wave!
Amazing Indeed!
A victory with sweeping majority is not so easy a thing in this very big Democratic Nation.
This shows that the people are much more informative, alert and participatory compared to earlier period(Elections).
An ordinary man manifesting from the role of a tea-seller to the Leader of the Nation is certainly amazing.
Many people from India and from through out the World, has congratulated Mr. Modi.
His performance in Gujarat has added to the expectations of the Indians.

Leave alone all the political campaign charge-sheets, indecent descriptions, "तू, तू,  मैं, मैं " attitudes.
Become magnanimous to accept, appreciate, encourage, suggest, and anything and everything in a constructive manner solely for the welfare of the Nation as a whole-a true Democracy हैं  न ?

The Mahathma Gandhi, did not demand any  "Ministry", "the Father of the Nation" Title, his photo in the Nation's currency,........
But the soil of his birth place, very patiently awaited this supremacy to happen and it has happened today!
Let the Nation become a Developed one
Let the Nation become the World Leader,
Let the Nation become all powerful,
not in Arms and Ammunition but in Harmony,
A Himalayan Harmony,
Let the Nation become all powerful in Technology
"सतयमेव जयते "  


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