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Saturday, February 1, 2014

OBESE- a different perception

Obesity is the word which is frequently talked about now a days.  Irrespective of the age group, from children to the aged ones, many are described so.  Lifestyle modification is the main reason -says the Doctors.

Fascination towards Television, playing and browsing hours together in computers are some of the main reasons.  In addition to these, even children does not play or play less compared to yesteryears.  People are very lazy and use either two wheeler or four wheeler to reach out a very nearest place and hesitate walking on the road for various reasons.

They don't find time[!] to work out.  They treat themselves with rich food including nuts and spicy in a larger quantity[more than what they actually need].  The main reason being per capita  income increased and the secondary reason being, number of members in a family is very very less compared to past.  There were at least two children and a maximum of ten to twelve children in a single family.

Automatically, every want of a child is fulfilled, more than sufficient food provided, very minimum work is performed, hence the result.  The body is given to work.  For those who work fast, more quantity food can easily get digested and for those who work slow, very little quantity may be required.  This may be explained with the help of an example:
A man who used to climb coconut tree, for the purpose of plucking coconuts and tender coconuts looked as if he was in his late twenties for many years.

Over eating is nothing but hoarding food inside the body.  The internal organs will try their best to set right and finally lose hope resulting in kidney failure, heart failure, lever damage ........

But, actually we have made them fail by our indiscipline and laziness 

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